Group Volunteering Opportunity at The Stonegrove Community Trust

This is an opportunity for you to spend one of your staff volunteering days at The Stonegrove Community Trust, supporting a local organisations with a group made up of other members of Barnet Council staff. 

About the opportunity: We require a group of volunteers to help us with outdoor gardening work for one full day of volunteering (10:00 - 16:00). This will involve improving our allotments through tasks such as – path clearance, raising beds, repairing compost bin, digging over soil and other bits and pieces. Inside areas available for shelter, lunch. We are looking for up to 15 people per day

Location: 5 Hayling Way Edgware HA8 8BN

There are a variety of dates available so select all the dates that you can attend on the following page and we will decide on the date which suits the most people and if we have enough volunteers we will organise two volunteering days. 

Before registering your interest please ensure that you have discussed volunteering with your line manager and received their approval and review available opportunities on the Volunteering Barnet website.

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