Best Wholesale ISP Award

For the provider that provides wholesale Internet access

Entry criteria:

Entrants must be ISPs with a nationwide reach that offers Internet access on a wholesale basis across a range of platforms, including their own network.

Judging process

Entrants must submit a written entry form detailing how they meet the criteria set out below. The judges will assess each written entry form to determine shortlist and then meet to determine the winning entry.

Judging criteria:

- Network quality and infrastructure reach
- Reliability and performance for resellers
- Flexibility of contracts
- Ease of becoming a partner
- Support provided to partners (technical, marketing, training)
- Ease of customer management for partners
- Sales figures / end users reached / no. of resellers
- Partner retention rate
- Customer satisfaction
- New products and innovative services
- Quality of channel marketing initiatives
- Innovation in the past 12 months

The deadline for submissions isĀ 29 March 2018.

* 1. Please provide the following:

* 2. In 30 WORDS why should you win this award?

* 3. How do you offer partners and resellers value for money? (150 words)

* 4. How flexible are your contracts and what are the minimum commitments you expect from partners? (150 words)

* 5. What new products and innovations have you rolled out in the previous 12 months? (150 words)

* 6. What is your geographic reach and customer base? (150 words)

* 7. What investment have you made in your services and network over the last year? (150 words)

* 8. How do you ensure the safety and security of your wholesale products? (150 words)

* 9. How do you recruit and retain partners? (150 words)

* 10. What support do you offer partners (technical, marketing, training etc)? (150 words)

* 11. What further characteristics distinguish your service from that of your competitors? (150 words)