Help Brighton & Hove become a GOLD Sustainable Food City!

In 2015 Brighton & Hove became the first Silver Sustainable Food City in the country. Now we have the chance to go for gold.
A Sustainable Food City is one which takes a collective approach to ensuring good food is available for everyone, and to tackling problems around food such as obesity, food poverty and food waste.
Play your part by filling in this five minute survey.

Question Title

* 1. Starting with waste, what might help you waste less food? [tick all that apply to you personally]

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* 2. If you do have food waste, what would help you deal with it better?

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* 3. I will help Brighton & Hove become a ‘food use’ not a 'food waste' city by... (tick one or more of the following pledges)

  I already do... I pledge to...
Using up leftovers instead of throwing them away
Using the freezer to preserve food longer
Shopping better so I don’t buy more than is needed (e.g. use shopping lists, meal planning, checking the cupboards before shopping)
Checking portion sizes so I don’t cook more than is needed
Minding my ‘use by’ dates, not the ‘best before’, and using common sense when checking food