Greater Birmingham Quarterly Business Report Q2 2016

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The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce's Quarterly Business Report offers an up to date snapshot of the performance of the Greater Birmingham business community.  The following questions provide the data which underpins the report and are key to us understanding the "health" of local businesses.

The survey should only take three minutes to complete and all answers will remain confidential.  

* 1. How many people do you employ in Greater Birmingham?

* 2. Are you currently operating at full capacity?

* 3. What is your main business activity?

* 4. During the past 3 months have your UK sales/bookings:

* 5. During the past 3 months has your UK sales/bookings forecast:

* 6. Do you export your goods or services?

* 7. During the past 3 months have your exports:

* 8. During the past 3 months has your exports forecast:

* 9. During the past 3 months has your:

  Decreased Remained constant Increased
Investment plans for plant/machinery/capital
Investment plans for training

* 10. During the next 12 months do you expect the following to:

  Decrease Remain constant Increase

* 11. Is your business suffering pressures to raise prices from:

* 12. Over the next 3 months do you expect your prices to:

* 13. During the past 3 months has your workforce:

* 14. Have you tried to recruit staff during the past 3 months?

* 15. If yes, were they for:

* 16. Did you experience any difficulties finding suitable staff?

* 17. If yes, for which categories of employee (please tick all that apply):

* 18. Why did you experience difficulties recruiting?

* 19. Over the next 3 months do you expect your workforce to:

* 20. Which of the following factors have become more of a concern to your business than 3 months ago?

* 21. What is currently your principal business concern? e.g. salary increases, competition

* 22. Who do you use for business support? e.g. Chamber, Growth Hub, International Hub

* 23. Are you a Chamber member?

* 24. If yes, which Chamber is your business a member of?

Thank-you for completing our Quarterly Business Survey. What follows here are additional questions on topical themes. By collecting your views we are able to act as an informed voice for business.