About your farm or farming business

This page is to understand your opinion of your farm or business - its risks, strengths and opportunities.

* 1. What's your involvement in farming?

* 2. What type of farm do you run? (Please choose all that apply)

* 3. What will be your greatest risks in 2018? Please choose at least 3.

* 4. Looking ahead to 2022, what do you consider to be your greatest medium term risks? Please choose at least 3.

* 5. Looking further ahead, to 2030, what are your greatest long term concerns? Please choose at least 3.

* 6. What are the greatest strengths of your farm business? Please choose at least 3.

* 7. What are your greatest opportunities? Please choose at least three.

* 8. To what extent do you believe robotics and digitisation of farming has the potential to transform the farming industry today?

Not at all
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 9. Which technologies do you see becoming important on your farm? Please choose as many as you would like.

* 10. Within what timescale are you planning to introduce robotics and digitisation to your farm?

* 11. If you had £50,000 to invest in any of the above technologies, which one would you back? Why?