Thank you for your enquiry to join CIRAS.

CIRAS is a confidential reporting service allowing your staff to be able to report any health or safety concern in complete confidence. CIRAS provides a complementary channel for staff to use, that is independent from any of our subscribing organisations. We do not seek to replace or compete against your internal reporting systems.

The CIRAS community (nearly 1900 members) work together to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and passengers across transport and related sectors: 

Reducing risk by enabling health and safety concerns to be brought to light confidentially, where they might otherwise go unreported.  

Improving safety culture by learning from reports and each other.

We hope that you decide to join this growing community.

If you wish to know what your membership fee will be for the coming year, please call us on: 020 3142 5369 or email:

Please note our privacy notice can be found here: CIRAS privacy notice