Welcome to the Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year Awards Application Form

Thank you applying for the Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year Awards.  To complete your application you will need the following information:

1.  Someone to Endorse your application.  This could be your:
~ College tutor
~ College assessor
~ Head Greenkeeper/Course Manager
~ Golf Club Manager

2.  The name, email address and contact telephone number of your Endorser.

3.  Your BIGGA membership number (if you are a BIGGA member).

4. You will need a passport style photograph of yourself to attach to the application form

5.  You will be asked to provide some relevant personal information which could include e.g. Work experience, individual triumphs, achievements and aspirations, volunteering opportunities, course details and type. It is recommended that you have already prepared this part of your application (in a word processing document) before completing this application so that you can copy and paste it into the relevant box. Please ensure this is 250 words or less.

Please note:  Once you have submitted this application, you cannot update it and will be required to submit all of your information again.  If you have any queries, please visit the Awards page on the BIGGA website: http://www.bigga.org.uk/education/toro-student-greenkeeper-of-the-year-award/