Hello, my name is Clare Mulholland and I am a third-year Radiotherapy and Oncology student at Cardiff University. I am currently undertaking research into the voice of carers in South Wales. I am inspired by the work and effort you put into your role as a cancer carer and would appreciate it if you could complete this survey. The purpose of this survey is to understand how you feel and discover what your personal opinions are when caring from 2016, for an individual who has been diagnosed with cancer. I hope to use these results to compare against previous statistics in 2016 and to highlight what your thoughts and feelings are, with the aim of outlining recommendations to improve your experience and the future experience of cancer carers in South Wales.

Macmillan defines a ‘cancer carer’ as someone who provides care to an individual with cancer for more than 5 hours a week or who considers caring to affect their life physically, emotionally, or financially when providing care between 1-4 hours per week. 

The survey may take approximately 10 minutes to complete, I appreciate your time. 

Question Title

* 1. Have you cared or currently care for someone with cancer?