In a group of selected schools in Newcastle and Gateshead, newly formed Wellbeing Teams will be working closely with teachers and school staff to promote emotional resilience and mental health awareness to children and young people, as part of a whole school approach.

Emotional resilience is defined as the ability to adapt to challenging circumstances whilst maintaining a stable mental wellbeing. Taking steps to look after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure, and reduce the impact that stress has on your life (Mind, 2019).

The aim is to support children and young people’s awareness of emotional resilience and the importance of looking after your emotional wellbeing.  We hope to work alongside other agencies to promote good emotional awareness and develop strategies to help manage emotions so they don’t become too big.

We would like your initial views on this support and to ask whether you would like to become more involved.

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* 1. Do you know that your child's school is linked to a NHS Wellbeing team?

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* 2. What does Mental Health mean to you?

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* 3. Would you be interested in helping to decide how the NHS Wellbeing Team will work in your child's school?

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* 4. Which school does your child attend?

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* 5. If you answered yes to Question 3, please provide your contact details below.
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