Call for evidence!

Test Valley Borough Council and The Romsey Future Partnership are holding a Citizens’ Assembly over two weekends in November to bring together a diverse group of people, from across the area to discuss the question: How do we improve the area around Crosfield Hall and the Bus Station to deliver the maximum benefit to Romsey?

We are asking residents, and those who visit Romsey town centre, to share their views on what they like and what could be improved. This information will be considered by our advisory panel and may be part of the evidence presented to the Citizens’ Assembly.

Please contact if you have any further questions.

Question Title

* 1. How often do you visit Romsey town centre?

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* 2. What do you like about Romsey town centre?

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* 3. What could be improved/what would encourage you to visit Romsey town centre more frequently?

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* 4. Citizens’ Assembly members will hear from expert witnesses, interest groups and people with lived experiences. They will discuss the arguments, evidence and options and agree a collective set of recommendations. Thinking about the question, please use the space below to suggest what evidence you think the Citizens’ Assembly should hear

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