Interim Report covering the period of January 2017

This Monthly and Interim Report will cover information relating to your project delivery and outcomes for the period of January 2017 including how your project is progressing, cumulative totals and identified risks. This report is to be completed by each organisation and therefore if you have multiple Champions you should only complete the report once and input the collective outputs for all your Champions.
The information for this report can be collated from:
- Consumer sign-in sheets
- One-to-one consumer form
- Front Line Worker feedback form
You will need to complete the Survey in one sitting as you will not be able to re-enter it afterwards. You can move between the pages whilst in the Survey, but once you click 'Done', your entry will be submitted.
Please also note that once this Survey has been completed you cannot access a copy, so do ensure that you complete and retain BESN4 - Monthly Summary and BESN5 - Interim Report 2016 for your own record.The deadline for submitting your Survey is the 13th February 2017.