Parent Wellbeing Questionnaire

Your school is taking part in the Charter Mark audit process looking at ways of further improving the mental and emotional well-being of those in the school commuinty. We would like to collect your views surrounding 5 key areas that can have an impact on mental and emotional well-being.

Throughout the questionnaire, the term 'school' is used to refer to the school organisation. This refers to both the people and the building as a whole. Your views are incredibly important in helping the school improve and provide the best feedback of what does and does not currently work. During the questionnaire, parents should think about the areas in relation to themselves and their children.

This feedback will be given to the senior management team at the school in the form of an anonymous report. The report will show the school areas of success and areas in need of improvement.

This questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes and will consist of 15 questions exploring your life in the school community. Your participation is entirely voluntary and your answers will be treated in confidence and the themes will be reported anonymously. 

Should you wish to take part in this questionnaire, please select the "yes" option from the list below. If you do not wish to take part in this questionnaire please select the "no" option, and the questionnaire will close.  If you wish to withdraw at any point during the process, simply close the questionnaire using the button in the top right corner. If you have any questions regarding this questionnaire or the process as a whole, please contact:

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Thank you,

Inclusion Support Research Unit

* 1. I understand the answers given in this questionnaire will contribute to an anonymous report for my school.

* 2. give consent to take part in this questionnaire