Why the Neighbourhood Plan is being reviewed

The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan was endorsed by referendum of the town's residents in May 2017 and 'made' by Waverley Borough Council on 28 July 2017. It now forms part of the development plan for the borough.

However, since the Neighbourhood Plan was adopted, the number of homes allocated to the town, as a result of the Local Plan Part 1 Inquiry, has increased from 2,330 to 2,780, to be delivered between 2013 and 2032.

This has triggered a partial review of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan and the need to consult the town's residents once again on the proposed additional allocations to ensure new housing is built in the most sustainable locations.

The Plan remains essentially the same but there are some inevitable minor changes to tables and text, as a result of the additional allocations. There are no deleted policies or new policies proposed.

Both the draft Neighbourhood Plan (2018 Review) and the existing adoptedĀ  Neighbourhood Plan (July 2017) can be viewed online or in hard copy at the offices of Farnham Town Council.