What Would You Like?

In 2011 Helensburgh Heroes commissioned two surveys to sample local opinion concerning facilities local residents would like made available, or improved on, in a centrally located purpose-designed community centre. Since then, several specific aspects of our proposal have been taken up and provided for by others. We wish to complement rather than compete with these.
Accordingly we would welcome your views of what is needed in the future based upon what is currently available. In other words a “Wish List”.

We would appreciate you completing this questionnaire and assure you that the responses provided by you will only be used by the Charity and only shared with any third party e.g. Funding bodies in a non identifiable aggregated state. Individual responses will not be shared under any circumstances.
Helensburgh Heroes is registered with the ICO.

Question Title

* 1. Are there any facilities that Helensburgh lacks that you would like to see? [Write in any or all you can think of].

Question Title

* 2. We have identified several 'needs' if Helensburgh & Lomond area is to thrive in an increasingly service-dominated economy. Please indicate your level of support/interest by ranking the following (1 = Most Important 5 = Least Important) that best reflects your opinion.

  Extremely Important Very Important Important Less Important Not Important
Multi-use public space included raked seating theatre/auditorium
Permanent Interactive John Logie Baird Exhibition
Wall of Fame 
Vocational learning facility e.g. digital technologies, travel & tourism
An incubator centre for new businesses
Family Diner/Restaurant
Arts/Crafts serviced workshops/retail outlets/in door market
Work experience for persons wishing to get into Hospitality Industry
Internet/Wi Fi enabled workspace
Professional Music Facilities - rehearsal space/studios etc
Community Storage Space

Question Title

* 3. Please find seven statements that summarise our ambitions for the Heroes Centre. On a scale of 1 - 10 please rank them to reflect your own opinion.

  1 - Not at all Important 2 3 4 5 - No view one way or the other 6 7 8 9 10 - Extremely Important
Community Identity - We want communities where cultural & creative heritage is valued, respected and celebrated as a major contributor to our personal identity, character& sense of place. Every member of the community to feel personal worth.
Social Relevance - We want communities where cultural heritage is seen as socially relevant because it connects individuals to their past personally and collectively. Our heroes give meaning to our past, present and future.
Continuity & Managed Change - We want communities where our cultural/creative heritage is appreciated as an integral part of our environment: linking our past and providing a reference for our future.
Collaboration - We want communities that carry out decision making in a collaborative environment, providing balanced resolution of competing interests whilst regarding cultural resources as key community assets to be enjoyed and shared by all.
Enlightenment - We want communities that increase our knowledge of, and interest in, our culture & the arts and continue to do so through continual innovation, research, promotion and education.
Digital Inclusion - We want communities where every member has the confidence and skills needed to compete and thrive in today's world.
Economic & Social Well Being - We want communities that create employment opportunities and promote shared prosperity.

Question Title

* 4. Optional - Please only complete if you would like to be contacted by Helensburgh Heroes and kept up to date with our developments.