Best Customer Solution Award

For the ISP who has provided a particularly innovative technological solution to a complex customer issue

Entry criteria:

This category is open to ISPs who have provided an innovative technology solution to a complex customer issue. 

Judging process:

Entrants must submit a written form case study (up to 500 words) detailing how their technology provided a solution to customer. Particular emphasis should be placed on how you helped solve a complex technological challenge for a customer and the impact this had on their business or work.

The written entry form will be reviewed by the judges who will determine the shortlist and the winner. 

Question Title

* 1. Please provide the following:

Question Title

* 2. What is the solution that you are entering?

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* 3. Why should you win this award? (30 words)

Question Title

* 4. Case study detailing how your technology solution helped resolve an issue or improved a process including how the customer benefited. Please specifically highlight the benefit and also include a supporting quote from a customer to demonstrate the solution (500 words):