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Question Title

* 1. Croydon's Labour Council has just published shocking plans to permanently close Purley Pool.

The Pool is a much-loved and much-used local resource, with schools and charities using it. It is critical for people from Coulsdon, Kenley, Purley, Sanderstead and South Croydon who would otherwise have very long journeys. The pool and leisure centre is a key part of local people staying healthy. While the site would benefit from updating, until this can be arranged we believe that it should be immediately re-opened.

The cost of the repairs needed to re-open the pool, at £200k immediately and perhaps more later, is small compared to the developers’ Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money that is being raised in the south of the Borough. The council has spent £300 million on failed commercial property speculation, including a further £20 million in recent months. They have their priorities wrong and should be spending this money on residents' services, such as Purley Pool.

The closure plans are avoidable, and for the sake of relatively small amounts of money, the Pool should be kept open.

Please join us in signing this petition for the pool to be kept open. This petition is being supported by local MP Chris Philp, by local Conservative councillors Cllr Jason Perry, Cllr Simon Brew and Cllr Helen Redfern and local residents Samir Dwesar, Alasdair Stewart, Holly Ramsey and Endri Llabuti.

I call on Croydon’s Labour council to cancel their closure plans and keep open Purley Pool.

Please forward this to your friends and neighbours so that as many people as possible can sign the petition.
Data: By signing this petition you agree that Chris Philp MP and the local Conservatives can contact you with information about issues of interest such as this. They will not give or sell your details to anyone else.