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Fill in this short survey today.

Unite is asking all members and workers to complete a short survey on OMEC, and any other issues effecting you at work.

Whether you are already feeling the negative effects of OMEC or you are concerned about what OMEC will mean now and in the future we need to hear from you today.

Fill in this short survey and share it with your colleagues.

Get Active, Get Organised and start the fightback TODAY.

*All individual responses will be held as strictly private and confidential to Unite and will not be shared with any other 3rd party, including MGS management.*

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* 1. Contact Details

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* 2. Unite is firmly of the view that the impact of the OMEC rosters will be detrimental to our members.

How aware are you of OMEC and what it means for you and your job?

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* 3. Would you like more info on OMEC and how it will effect you and your colleagues?

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* 4. Have you already been effected by OMEC? 

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* 5. Your views of OMEC from what you know to date

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* 6. Are there any other issues impacting you at work?

Tell us the top three.

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* 7. Unite member?

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* 8. Can you help Unite in this campaign?

It's time to get active. Please check all the boxes that apply to you. 

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