Welcome to the Prostate Scotland Patient Needs Survey 2018

This survey has been designed by Prostate Scotland to gain a better understanding of the opinions and experiences of men who have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in Scotland.

The data provided by those who participate in this survey will be analysed and collated into a research report which will help us better understand the issues facing men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Scotland.  It will also help us understand what particular issues are relevant in your area and how these might be addressed using good practice from other areas.

It contains a range of questions which span the journey those diagnosed with prostate cancer typically follow including questions on possible symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care or support.

Most of the questions are multiple choice to make them easy to answer.  At each question, please select the answer which most closely resembles your opinion or experience.  If you feel the answers don't reflect your experience, an option for other/ don't know has been provided.

We recognise that our questions may not capture all the details of your particular experiences.  To capture additional details of your experiences and opinions, we have included a number of open ended questions where you can provide us a more detailed response about your diagnosis, treatment or the support provided to you.

All answers you provide will remain anonymous.  At the beginning we ask a number of questions related to your local area and your diagnosis.  Your name or personal details are not involved in this.  We ask for your postcode so we can gain an accurate idea of the locations within Scotland where people are located.  This is optional, and does not need to be entered, and will not be used to identify any particular individual. For more information on how we use data, please see our Privacy Policy on our website (link below).

The survey should take around 15-20 minutes to complete.  Please do complete all the questions and the full survey.  If you do not complete the full survey and submit your answers we will not be able to include any of your opinions or answers.

If you have any further questions about this survey or about any of the other work done by Prostate Scotland, please contact Gareth.McAteer@prostatescotland.org.uk.

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