Lameness in dairy cows is a common problem encountered on farm and is a significant cause of poor health and welfare. The prevalence of lameness is thought to be around 30% in the National UK dairy herd and on some farms it is much higher than this. Previous studies have shown that people involved with lame cattle perceive it to painful and we want to explore this further with the whole 'mobility healthcare team'.

Project FEET stands for Furthering the Evidence-base by Engaging the whole Team. The ‘mobility healthcare team’ includes farm teams, foot trimmers, veterinary technicians and Vets. To make a difference we need everyone involved in managing lame dairy cows to be involved. Lameness is a complex problem and it requires a team solution.

So we are surveying the whole team to find out what:

1.     The current attitudes of the mobility healthcare team are around pain associated with various conditions that can cause lameness in dairy cows.

2.     Describe and understand treatment choices for lame dairy cows of the mobility healthcare team

This survey is for Vets only and there are separate, slightly different links for: 
Veterinary technicians and
Foot trimmers  

There are no right or wrong answers, all data is anonymous  and we do not ask you for personal information within this questionnaire. However if you follow the link at the end of the survey and provide your contact details in a separate database we will enter you into  a prize draw to win £100 'Love To Shop' vouchers. This means your responses are separate from your contact details.

Before you complete this survey please ensure you have read the 'Project FEET information document' on our website:

All the data your provide here will be held securely by the VetPartners Clinical Board and used only for the purposes of understanding how we treat lame dairy cattle.  We will only ever report the collated information no  individual responses will be used. 

By completing one of the questionnaires, you are giving us consent to use your responses. The surveys are anonymous.  It is not possible to withdraw your responses once they have been submitted.

We’ll keep this data securely and hold the raw data for  5 years (maximum) but should you have any queries about this, please contact the Clinical Board at and the project leads Emily Craven (Oakwood) and Rachel Dean (VetPartners) will respond to you.
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