We would like to formerly invite you to contribute to the consultation on the draft Local Offer for Barnet Care Leavers. We are inviting all our care leavers and children in care, those who work with our young people, and partner agencies to consult on the draft. The consultation process began on 16 January and will close on 13 February.

Please help us to get this right by taking time to read the draft Barnet Care Leavers Local Offer and share your views on what we are proposing by completing a short questionnaire. This will help us to provide care leavers with the right information and support, at the right time.

After the consultation has ended, the Barnet Care Leavers Local Offer will be available in printed format and online via the council’s website and social media.

Thank you for your time – your participation in this important consultation is greatly appreciated.
SurveyMonkey and data protection 

Barnet Council uses SurveyMonkey to host questionnaires, and to store and analyse the data collected through these questionnaires.  The council has investigated SurveyMonkey and is satisfied with its data assurance and legal framework.  

The council does not collect personal information in this questionnaire, which means the information you provide is anonymous. We do not ask for your name, address, email address, telephone number, full post code or any other information that would allow us to identify you.  

Since the data we collect is anonymous, it is not considered to be personal data under data protection legislation (such as the General Data Protection Regulation or the Data Protection Act 2018).
If you have any questions about this statement please email first.contact@barnet.gov.uk.

Instructions for completing questionnaire 

We have tried to make the questionnaire as easy as possible to complete.
Please try to answer all the questions and provide additional information, where requested, as this will help us to develop the right level of support for care leavers and determine how best to present our Local Offer.

Question Title

* 1. Section 1: About you

When developing our local offer, it’s really important that we consult with relevant persons, which means care leavers and organisations or people that work with or represent care leavers.
Please specify which sector or type of organisation you are representing or your role supporting children in care and care leavers: (Please select your answer)

Question Title

* 2. Section 2:  Information provided in the Care Leavers Local Offer
We would first like to ask you in general terms about the information provided in the draft Care Leavers Local Offer.  In section three, we will then ask you more detailed questions about the information on your services and if they are accurately represented.

Please note that the final version of the Local Offer will look very different to the way it looks now. This consultation focuses on the content and not the design. We are currently working with a design company to develop different formats that will be engaging for young people.

Reading through the Local Offer, to what extent do you agree or disagree there is enough information about each of the following areas of support and services?

  Strongly Agree Tend to Agree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Tend to Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure/ Don't know
Support from the Onwards and Upwards (Leaving Care) team
Financial Support
Accommodation and Housing
Education, Training and Employment
Staying Fit and Healthy
Useful information and contacts

Question Title

* 3. Do you think we should include information on any of the topics listed below in the Local Offer?

  Yes No Not Sure/ Don't Know
Family and Relationships
Life skills and general support (such as support groups)
Migrant Support
Risk and Criminal Justice
Early Help

Question Title

* 4. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about the information provided about the Local Offer?  (Please tick one option only for each statement)

  Strongly Agree Tend to Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Tend to Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure/ Don't Know
The information is relevant to the needs of care leavers
The information is easy to understand
The information is helpful for preparing young people for independence

Question Title

* 5. Section 3: Partners and service provider information
We would like to know if the information about the support and services available from you or through your organisation or team is correct and up to date.
To what extent do you agree or disagree that your services are fairly represented in the proposed Local Offer?

Question Title

* 6. Are there other services your organisation, team or you provide to Barnet care leavers which you feel should also be included in our Local Offer and have not been mentioned in Section 2?

Question Title

* 7. Do you have any other comments to make about the draft Care Leavers Local Offer? 

End of the questionnaire

Thank you for taking part in our questionnaire. Once you press ‘submit’ your responses will automatically be submitted to Barnet Council.