1. Mentee Registration Form

* 1. First name

* 2. Surname

* 3. Mobile

* 4. Email

* 5. UEL student number

* 6. UEL course

* 12. Disability

* 13. If you have a disability please state the nature of your disability so reasonable adjustments can be made

* 16. What occupational role are you hoping to get into when you graduate?

Mentoring Framework

Mentoring Framework

* 18. Which category would you place yourself? There are no right or wrong answers here. 

* 19. In at least 150 words (maximum 300 words) please provide an overview of why you would like to take part in this Professional and Personal Development Mentoring Scheme. 

You should talk about the following areas:
- what you hope to gain from the scheme
- personal and professional skills that you hope to develop
- future career plans/aspirations

* 20. How confident do you feel about completing the following activities?

  1. Not confident 2. Slightly confident 3. Confident 4. Very confident
Writing a CV and cover letter
Writing an application form
Being interviewed
Delivering a presentation
Attending an assessment centre
Psychometric tests
Identifying job roles within your sector
Searching for jobs
Finding out about training opportunities (attending talks and workshops)
Understanding the variety of routes into your desired career (graduate schemes, internships, work experience, work shadowing, apprenticeships, entry level roles, volunteering)
Knowing how to develop commercial awareness
Your LinkedIn profile
Making the transition from being a student to being in employment

* 21. How confident do you feel in being able to demonstrate the following key employability skills in the world of work?

  1. Not confident 2. Slightly confident 3. Confident 4. Very confident
Self management
Team working
Business and customer awareness 
Problem solving
Communication skills
Numerical skills
IT skills
Entrepreneurial skills

* 22. Have you used any of the Careers and Student Employability services below?

  Yes No
Volunteering opportunities
Paid work opportunities
Careers Consultants appointments
The Professional Development Award
Careers events and/or talks