Human to Hybrid, Transition to a Hybrid Workforce

Thursday 19th September

Shaily Sodha, Sparks  
Tristan Adams, Link Asset Services 
Zoe Denny-Thomas, ProShare

As the struggle to attract and retain high quality talent in an ever more fluid employment market continues to challenge businesses, employee benefits and rewards have the potential to become increasingly important strategic levers for organisations.

According to the CIPD, 81% of employers in the UK intend to spend the same amount on staff benefits over the next two years as they currently do, while 16% plan to increase their investment. But while most organisations aren't planning to plough more money into benefits, they are attempting to maximise the impact of the investment that they are already making and demonstrate a tangible return. They are engaging their employees around benefits by providing a more friendly, flexible and personalised experience, and deploying a range of technologies to deliver a substantiated return on investment.

The Capita white paper, ‘Human to Hybrid; The Next Workforce Frontier’, explored this shift from a predominantly human workforce to a hybrid one, where humans will work in a fully digitised and technologically optimised environment. The research also found that organisations need to focus on three key levers in order to successfully transition to a hybrid workforce over the coming years – Digital, Data and People. 

HR professionals will need to pull these three levers to prepare workers for the future world of work, and to build the workforce their organisations need to compete and win in the future economy.

This webinar will set out to identify how organisations can use benefits as a key differentiator in an ever more dynamic, competitive jobs market by adopting a considered digital strategy that aligns with and supports the organisation’s wider transition to a hybrid workforce.

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