Priory Urgent Care Centre opened on November 7th 2016. All urgent (same day) appointments for patients of Lavender Grove Surgery, Cherry Street Surgery, and Priory Medical Centre will be provided from this Centre.

In addition to enhancing the urgent services we can offer, we hope this will decrease waiting times and enable more routine GP appointments to be offered at our West side sites.

We would welcome your feedback on your experience of the new service and would appreciate you taking the time to complete the following short survey.

* 1. What is your usual surgery?

* 2. How did you get to Priory Urgent Care Centre?

* 3. Please rate your experience of Priory Urgent Care Centre

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The waiting time in the Urgent Care Centre
The manner of your Urgent Care Clinician
Was the issue you attended for addressed to your satisfaction?

* 4. Please rate your overall experience of Priory Urgent Care Centre