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* 1. McKenna Wood
My name is McKenna Wood, and I am a Year 12 student studying Religious Studies, History and Maths A Levels. Since beginning my college experience, it has become apparent to me how the “individuality” of each student at the college is not merely a reference to their individual styles and personas. Rather, it also refers to important aspects of diversity such as individuality in leisure activities, study environment, and subject interest. I strongly believe that this individuality is a key aspect of a college environment. Therefore, if elected as Student President of English and Welsh Bridge, I would ensure a principal focus of ensuring that the college environment is one in which all individuals are fully accounted for. Using the previously mentioned example of individuality of study environment, for example, I would work passionately to ensure that all students have a place in which they feel comfortable to effectively study. This is why I am so thrilled with how the suggestion in a previous Student Rep meeting for easier accessibility of private study has been taken into account. Regarding the extent to which I deem myself suitable for the role of Student President, I believe that my past experience of working in a position of leadership and within a student body will be an extremely useful tool for ensuring the maximum success of the Student Executive. I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to represent my previous school first as Deputy House Captain and then as House Captain. The responsibilities of a House Captain included the planning of House activities and competitions, and informing all students in my house of such events. In my final year at the school, I was a member of the Student Safeguarding Committee, a team which worked to make my school a safer environment for students, as well as a Deputy Director of the school. I am a hard-working, dedicated student, who wishes to bring about positive changes to the college. I can communicate ideas and thoughts effectively, I have great interpersonal skills and I have excellent organisational skills too.

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* 2. Dom Hall
Every single one of you matters to me!

The student union is a key part of the college and is there to take our needs and ideas forward - I want to be a part of this.

Inclusivity is massively important to me - everyone is an individual and has the right to be heard. I would actively encourage all of you to be involved with the student union, sharing your ideas for a better college. This way, we can ensure that we have a community where everyone feels valued and supported in whatever way they need. I will run drop in sessions to enable this to happen.

I would be completely committed to this role and work for what you want to achieve.


So why do I think I am suitable for this role?

I am not afraid to stand up for what is right!

I am currently a student union rep and was an active member of my school council, so I am very used to dealing with student voice meetings.

I always ensure that I get the views and ideas of those in my tutor group, and communicate these at student union meetings. I want to take this to the next level and work with everybody in the college and student union executive to take the ideas and issues forward to the staff.

I am a very active member of my community: in my role as local newsletter editor and website manager I am experienced in dealing with a wide range of people, including liaising with the committee, general public, business advertisers, printers and technology companies. I attend and speak at meetings and am used to contributing to and following agendas. I have given presentations to community groups and members of the public, and this shows that I will be confident and able to do this role at college.

As a lifeguard, I enjoy dealing with people of all ages and abilities. I am also safeguarding trained through this role and involved in health and safety. It is a responsible job where I work both as an individual and as part of a team and am always ready to respond to difficult situations quickly and calmly.

I have been involved in lighting, sound and backstage in theatres - being in this fast moving, high pressure, live environment means that I am used to dealing quickly with unexpected situations and finding solutions.

As you can see, I enjoy working with people and it comes naturally to me to be friendly, understanding and to try and help, no matter what the issue.

I think all of this makes me the ideal candidate for the student union executive.

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* 3. Emma Halliday
Being President for the student union involves commitment, communication skills and character. Previously I have been in roles of responsibility such as ‘charity representative’, ‘NCS group leader and treasurer’, ‘Dance leader’ and ‘Head Girl’: demonstrating my commitment. I am enthusiastic about making communication between you (students) and staff even more fluid, prioritising the purpose of a student union and ensuring that everyone is heard. Teamwork and a positive attitude can easily strengthen a community, which is why I would bring both of these qualities to you as your President.


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* 4. Greg Jones
From my previous responsibilities as "Sports Captain" and "House captain", I know that the president role requires communication, commitment and leadership. As somebody with experience in similar roles, I believe I can provide these skills effectively to ensure that student ideas are heard and put into action. I am approachable and happy to listen to your ideas, and can also communicate them well to staff. Furthermore, I can contribute my own ideas to meetings, to improve student well-being and provide a better college environment.


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