Dear Pocklington resident,
We're putting together a Neighbourhood Plan for Pocklington and would appreciate your help in completing this questionnaire to give us your views on how our town should develop.  The information from this survey will help us make sure that the Plan reflects the wishes of people like you who live and work here.

Why does Pocklington need a neighbourhood plan?
Neighbourhood planning gives people the opportunity to develop a shared vision for the future of their community and to shape the development and growth of their local area.  Currently Pocklington's residents have little influence on local planning issues, such as the type of development that should be undertaken.  These decisions are presently entirely made by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) in their policy statements.  When the Pocklington Neighbourhood Plan comes into effect it will become an additional part of the planning policy structure.

Producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Pocklington will for the first time give us all the opportunity to have a say on how our town should develop.
Will producing our own plan really make a difference?
Most definitely yes!  Once approved by an inspector and Pocklington residents by way of a referendum, the Pocklington Neighbourhood Plan will have legal force.

Developers and local authority planners will formally be obliged to take notice of it.  With a Neighbourhood Plan, we can add our own policies to the ones produced by ERYC and as long as our own policies are realistic, implementable and do not conflict with those of ERYC, we can specify how our town should develop, based on the views of our townspeople.

To summarise, it is inevitable that further developments will occur within Pocklington.  Having a Pocklington Neighbourhood Plan will help us ensure that the nature of future developments will be suitable for the town and that they will meet the needs of our residents. 
Please help us by completing this survey!
Developing a Plan requires knowing the views of residents, businesses and other local organisations.  So this consultation survey is key, as its evidence will help determine the overall direction of our Plan, and so it is very important that you, your family and your neighbours take this opportunity to make your views known.

Thank you for your time,
Dean Hodgson – Mayor of Pocklington

What to do next….
Some notes are provided on the next page to help with likely questions.  Please read them before starting.
Other members of your household are welcome to complete the survey.  
We want survey responses to be as diverse as possible and welcome hearing from all members of the community both young and old.
The survey opens on 2 April 2019 and closes at the end of Tuesday April 30th, 2019.