The Pituitary Foundation is the UK's leading charity supporting those affected by rare and complex pituitary conditions. We provide a  range of support services to individuals and health care professionals, alongside campaigning to raise awareness of the issues that face the pituitary community.

The Pituitary Foundation last completed a needs analysis survey in 2006, a patient satisfaction questionnaire in 2007 and a membership survey in 2010. It is important that we collect feedback from our service users on a regular basis to ensure that we are meeting need and providing the best possible service for people affected by pituitary illness.

Please work through the following survey carefully, reading any instructions relating to the question. The survey may take between half an hour and an hour to complete. We understand that there are a lot of questions and the online survey requires that they are completed in one continuous session. If you need to come back at a more suitable time please feel free to do so. Please contact The Pituitary Foundation Office  on 0117 370 1333 if you would prefer to receive a paper copy.

We will not be collecting your personal or contact details and the data collected will be stored in the most appropriate way, your answers will be tabulated with those of others to determine the needs of the pituitary community.

Please complete the survey by the 31st August 2016. We will feedback the results in Pituitary Life Spring 2017 and on our website.

On behalf of everyone at The Pituitary Foundation - please accept my warmest thanks for your ongoing support.
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