Survey: Phoenix Education Trust Review

If we want a democratic society, we need democratic education.

The world is a fascinating place and children are curious, with an intrinsic capacity to learn and interest in the world around them.

If we work together, we can find more ways to support children to grow up in co-created spaces where they self-direct their learning and take part in decisions that affect their lives.

With increasing frequency here at Phoenix, we are meeting individuals and groups who are doing what we call democratic education, working to integrate values of trust, respect and equality into practice. We nevertheless recognise that many obstacles exist to establishing and sustaining democratic education. This survey is a tool through which we are inviting you to contribute to our Visioning Circle and thereby also play a role in the review that the Phoenix Educational Trust is currently undertaking. Through these activities we hope to understand:  

1. Who is doing what in democratic education

2. What obstacles democratic education is facing

3. How we can respond more effectively to all that’s currently happening and work together better to facilitate the movement of democratic education

We have kept the survey short, focusing on these three themes, and invite you to write to us at if you have more to say.