Welcome to PeoplePlus Justice Prison Education Partner Selection Questionnaire

Questionnaire background
Our Partner Selection Questionnaire is being distributed to identify potential suppliers to work with PeoplePlus Justice in either a strategic or direct delivery capacity to bid for the MoJ Prison Education contracts. If you have any questions about this process please email Justice@peopleplus.co.uk.  
Please complete this questionnaire by Friday 15th December 2017
PeoplePlus background

At PeoplePlus Justice we’re committed to tackling the underlying causes of offending, and to transforming the lives of offenders. To achieve this, we deliver programmes of support that help those in prison or serving a sentence in the community. Our programmes deal with the root causes of offender behaviour, helping people to live improved lives and make a positive contribution to society.

 For over 15 years we have delivered high-quality rehabilitation and offender management services on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, Department for Work and Pensions, Skills Funding Agency, National Offender Management Service and through European Social Funds.

Today we employ over 300 people in the prison estate supporting prison education and over 250 people working in the community helping to rehabilitate offenders.

MoJ’s Procurement of Prison Education

The Ministry of Justice are looking to re-procure education provision within the prison estate across England. The procurement process is expected to commence in January 2018. 

All requirements are expected to be mandated through two key frameworks:

1. Core Framework: This will provide a managed service from a single supplier (prime) for each prison / grouping. This will be a 6 year framework (4 + 2 call off) and will include:

·   National specification set with governor input
·    Supplier consortiums encouraged where this provides a better offer or is tailored to local requirement:
       o   Framework must be used for the core service
       o   Can be used for all other additional requirements that the prison commission as part of the managed service
       o   Quality and pricing tested
       o   TUPE likely to apply.

2. Dynamic Purchasing System: This is for specific individual requirements outside of the ‘core’ requirement and is differentiated from the main framework as it is not a managed service.
·           Low barriers to entry – encourage SME + 3rd Sector
·           Flexible to allow for innovation and new requirements during framework term 
·           Local commissioning by governors to select suppliers from the DPS:
       o    Competitive process led by governors
       o    Specification and objective evaluation against pre set criteria to award
       o    Local contract management of services
·           6 year duration with Call Off contracts limited to 1 year duration.