Please answer the questions based on how you feel most of the time. We want to find out how school children feel about lots of different things. If there is something you do not understand, ask your teacher or another adult.

About you

* 3. Are you happy being a boy/girl?

* 4. Do you have any brothers?

* 5. If yes, how many brothers do you have?

* 6. If yes, are they older than you?

* 7. Do you have any sisters?

* 8. If yes, how many sisters do you have?

* 9. If yes, are they older than you?

Your feelings

* 10. Do you feel happy...

* 11. Do you worry...

* 12. What do you worry about? (please tick all of the ones that you worry about)

* 13. When you have a worry do you tell an adult in school?

* 14. Do you find it easy to talk about your feelings?

* 15. If you get angry or upset, do you know why?

* 16. If you get angry or upset, do you know how to calm down again?

* 17. Are you proud of yourself?

* 18. Do you feel that you belong at school?

* 19. Are you happy with the environment you learn in?

Physical Health

* 20. Do you have the same bed time every night?

* 21. How often do you feel tired?

* 22. Do you play any physical sports in or outside of school?

* 23. Do you think that the children in your school do enough exercise?

* 24. Do you play computer games/Xbox/PlayStation/tablet too late at night time?

Other People

* 25. Do you have some good friends in school?

* 26. Do you get on well with most people at school?

* 27. Do you enjoy helping people in school?

Confidence and Control

* 28. Are you good at something in school?

* 29. Are you good at something outside of school?

* 30. Do you think that you are a good learner?

* 31. Do you feel that adults in school are fair to you?

Looking Forward To Things

* 32. Do you look forward to going to school?

* 33. Do you enjoy lunchtime play?


* 34. Do adults in your school help you to understand your feelings?

* 35. Do you feel that there is an adult in school that you can talk to if you have a problem?

* 36. Is there at least one adult in school who cares about you?

* 37. Do your parents/carers care about how well you do at school?

If you want to say anything else about your feelings, please let your teacher know.

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