About You

* 1. Please provide the full postcode of your household (eg EX22 3AB)

* 2. Which age range are you in? 

* 3. Which of the following best describes your current status?

Your Vision

* 4. A Neighbourhood Plan for the parish will enable us to plan for the future of our local area. Before setting the detail, we need to understand the vision and aspirations that we collectively share that we would like to see shape the future. Please provide three short statements (no more than 3 words each) on how you would like the parish to be described in 15 years time.

* 5. Which of the following best describes your future housing plans?

* 6. If you intend to move house within the next five years, where would you want to move to?

* 7. If you intend to move house within the next five years, please indicate if it is for any of the following reasons?
(please tickĀ allĀ that apply)

* 8. From previous consultations we know that there is concern regarding the capacity of Fremington Medical Centre to support the growing number of residents within the parish.  The Medical Centre is receiving additional funding to increase access and capacity at the existing site and aims to provide additional doctors as patient numbers arise. The Medical Centre is also keen to support provision of: complimentary therapies, chronic disease groups and other well-being initiatives, but there is not space for these on the current site. If these services were to be sited elsewhere in the parish which of the following locations would best suit your needs?  (Please tick all that apply)

* 9. Do you use a bus service regularly (once a week or more often)?

* 10. If you use the bus service, what are your most common reasons for using it and to which destinations do you most frequently travel? (eg to college in Barnstaple)

* 11. Please select the following aspects of using a local bus service that are important to you and indicate how you rate them currently

  very poor poor OK good very good
Access to the nearest bus stop
Quality of the bus stop
Frequency of the bus service
Quality of the bus station in Barnstaple

* 12. We are interested in understanding residents experiences when moving in and around the parish, and in and out of the parish.  Please consider the following statements and choose which option for each best describes your opinion.

  I strongly agree I agree I neither agree nor disagree I disagree I strongly disagree
I feel safe when walking in the parish
I feel safe when cycling in the parish
I feel safe when driving in the parish
More dedicated pedestrian and cycle routes are needed
More crossing points on the A3125 are needed

* 13. Considering the parish as a whole, which specific environmental features are important to you to see conserved and/or enhanced? (For Example; specific views, woods, open spaces, foot-paths, parks etc)

* 14. Considering the parish as a whole, which specific buildings are important to you to see conserved and/or enhanced?

* 15. Do you currently travel outside the parish to play your preferred sport(s) or attend leisure activities?

* 16. If you answered YES to Question 15 above, please tell us which sport(s) or leisure activities you leave the parish for?

* 17. How adequate do you think the indoor community spaces are across the parish?

* 18. If you have suggested in question 17 above that indoor community facilities are less than adequate, please tell us what and where these inadequate facilities are or where they are needed but currently absent

* 19. If required, which type of additional sites would be preferable to support the development of the local economy? (tick all which you support)

Thank-you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire