Questionnaire Information

Project Title: School Children and Their Understanding of “Significant change and losses in life

Investigators: Professor Rebecca Wallace, Robert Gordon University
Dr Ros Scott, Researcher and Consultant
Annie Audsley, Research Assistant Robert Gordon University

Information for parents
We invite you to take part in a research study we are doing to learn more about how young people respond to change, losses and death. We would like understand how young people cope with these situations, where they find support and what information may or may not be available to them in these situations.

If you agree to join this study, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. The school will also be inviting a number of teachers and pupils to take part.

We hope that the findings from the study will help other young people with concerns about significant losses in life. Your involvement in the study will help the researchers and your child’s school to look for ways to improve learning, teaching and life skills. It may also assist teachers and parents.

It is up to you whether you decide to take part in this study or not. You can say yes now and change your mind later all you need to do is to advise the school.

You will not be required to give your name on the questionnaire. Everything you say will be treated in confidence by the researchers and only the researchers will see your responses.

If you have questions you may contact the researchers by emailing

What happens to the information

Once the research is completed the information will be analysed and written up into a report. No one will be identified in the report and any quotes included will be anonymous. A copy of the report will be available in the school. Findings from the study may be shared at conferences and be published in research journals.

Ethical approval for this study has been given by Robert Gordon University.

Your agreement to take part in the study will be assumed if you complete any or all of the questionnaire.
17% of survey complete.