Survey into Parents and Adult Education

This survey is for parents and carers of primary school children in and around York. It is intended to help monitor current demand for and accessibility of adult education. As you complete the survey, please consider "course" or "classes" as the full range of education opportunities available, for example, Family Learning, WEA, York College, and university. The information collected will be shared with education providers in York to help them improve marketing and support for parents. You do not have to be currently participating in adult learning classes to take part in the survey.

* 1. Gender

* 2. What ages are your children?

* 3. Have you taken part in adult education classes before?

* 4. What level of qualifications do you currently have?

* 5. Do you currently do any paid work?

* 6. Do you currently volunteer?

* 7. Where would you find out about courses for adults if you were interested?

* 8. Where would you like to be able to access information? (please tick all that apply)

* 9. In the future, what areas would you be interested in working in? (It doesn't matter how far in the future this may be)

* 10. Why would you take part in adult education classes? Please tick all that apply

* 11. Please rank the following. Place the biggest barrier to you attending adult education classes as 1. Work through the other barriers until you identify which is the smallest barrier as number 8. If any of these listed are not barriers for you, tick the n/a box.

* 12. Please write down any other barriers you face which are not listed above

* 13. Please tick one box per line

  Strongly Agree Agree Slightly Agree Slightly Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
I would like to do more adult education courses
I know what skills/qualifications I need to achieve my goals
I would like to do an apprenticeship
I would like my children to do an apprenticeship
I would like to go to college
I would like my children to go to college
I would like to go to university
I would like my children to go to university
I think it is possible to work and study whilst being the parent of primary school aged children

* 14. If there are any other comments you would like to make about adult education provision in York, please write that here. For instance, there may be a career path or courses you want to do which are not provided for in the city. You may also want to describe your experiences in more detail in order to help improve provision in York.

* 15. Would you like to have one to one careers advice?

* 16. How did you hear about this survey? Please specify which organisation this was through.

* 17. We are holding a careers event specifically for parents and carers at York St John on Friday 18th March. 10am-1pm in the De Grey building, Room 125. Free refreshments provided. If you would be interested in finding out more about this, please leave your email address below.

* 18. Did you complete the survey in a Family Learning class?