Why do we need your help?
Please tell us what questions you would like to be answered by pancreatitis research. Together, we can improve the lives of people living with pancreatitis and families affected by pancreatitis.
ANY question is a good question. We need your input to identify priorities for research in the diagnosis, treatment, management, and support for people with pancreatitis.
This survey is open to ALL - patient, carer, family, friend, or healthcare professional.

Who can complete the survey?
·       Patient (aged 11 years+)
·       Parent, family member or carer
·       Health Professional with experience of caring for or treating pancreatitis
·       Others affected by or involved in treating people with pancreatitis
*To physically complete this survey, you must be 11 years or older. You can still complete the survey as a parent, family member or carer of a child younger than 11. Over the next 12 months, we will develop a separate survey for families of children affected by pancreatitis (paediatric pancreatitis).
What are we asking you to do?
This is your opportunity to directly influence future research into pancreatitis, to help improve outcomes for people affected by this condition.
Please think about your experience of pancreatitis. What questions would you like to ask that future research could answer? 
The deadline for responses is 31 January 2022.

For a paper copy, larger print, or for this survey in another language, contact Helen on 0207 486 0341 or email hwest@gutscharity.org.uk

By participating in this survey, you are agreeing to allow us to anonymously publish your unanswered questions. If you do provide your personal contact details, we will keep them confidentially and securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We are unable to provide medical advice for specific and personal medical queries, but can offer general information on digestive diseases and symptoms. For support with any issues raised by filling out this survey, go to: www.gutscharity.org.uk