Pact Export Pledge

Pact Export Accelerator is part of the 'Pledge' to export which has been designed to help the UK TV industry double export revenues by 2020.  By signing up to the 'Pledge' you will have unique access to a range of resources to help you on your way to increasing export revenues:
Events, workshops
Global broadcaster briefings
Territory insight and opportunities
Access to commissioning and acquisition opportunities from around the world
Help to build a strong export strategy
Access to the 'export toolkit' - a range of resources for easy access to market intelligence and overseas buyers
and much more....

Sign up now it FREE if you are a TV production  or distribution company registered in the UK and only takes 2 mins to complete!

* 2. Company name

* 3. Where are you based (UK region)

* 4. Your name

* 5. Your email address

* 6. No. 1 objective

  5-10% 10-20% 20-35% 35-50% 50-75% Other
Increase your export revenue in the next 12 months

* 7. No. 2 objective

  1-3  per year 3-5 per year 5-8 per year 8-10 10 plus
Increase your market knowledge - how many events, webinars, workshops will you attend

* 8. No. 3 objective

  1 2 3 4  5 plus
How many new markets/countries will you trade with in the next 12 months

* 9. What type of activity would you like to see to help you increase your export activity?