Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Business Questionnaire

This is a confidential survey!

All information provided will be dealt with on a strictly confidential basis used purely for NPD purposes. We will not publish or share information with third parties.

These questions are designed to help us ascertain the following:
· The business trade and sector. This will tell us how diverse the economic base is in the Parish.

· The business organisation, where your customers are resident, who your suppliers are, and the importance of e-business. This will tell us how you’re managed, your links with other businesses in the Parish and the scale of your business as well as its sector within the Parish. It will also help with land allocation, infrastructure and transport issues.

· Staff – numbers and where they come from. This will assist issues affecting housing, infrastructure and transport.

· Transport – for employees, customers and goods. This will also assist with issues affecting infrastructure and transport.

· Property – what are your present premises and what you expect to need in future and how we could perhaps influence and help your business grow in the future.

Please answer the questionnaire as a whole in the same session before logging out. The PREV/NEXT tabs will allow you to navigate forwards and backwards if you want to check or edit your answers.

Question Title

* 1. Business Sector, please tick the box(es) for the main category and sub groups that describe your business best:

Question Title

* 2. Organisation and scale. This will tell us a little about your business sector and it’s importance to the local economy, where your customers and suppliers are and how you interact with other businesses in the Parish, and which sectors look like they’re set to expand an will need more space. Please tick the appropriate box(es):

Question Title

* 3. How important is e-business to you for:

  Very useful Useful Not important
Other Functions