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* Irregular Arts (via performers/devisers Alison and Jenny) are making a new show called 'Odd Encounter' and we need your help.

Please respond in the box below and then press DONE and send it to us following the directions of Survey Monkey.  You can come back and say more again another day if you want.

The bullet point questions here are offered as a suggestion to prompt you to share your perspective on love, sex and relationships. You can if you prefer just ignore these questions and tell us anything you think might be relevant - or suggest an alternative question - answered or unanswered, it will be interesting for us.

Anything you tell us may be used in our show - perhaps even quoted - but we promise we will protect your anonymity completely.

Please also tell us about your background - gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, and relationship status (tick boxes are a pain, so use your own words, but it really will help us to contextualise things and to understand who we've reached).

·         Who was your first love? What did they mean to you?  Does first love really last forever?

·         Tell us about the best and/or the worst date you've ever been on?

·         Is it possible to be truly happy when you are single? How and why/why not?

·         Why do you think romantic/loving relationships sometimes end?

·         If you were/are single and wanted to find a new love, how would/do you go about it?

·         Do you think monogamy is natural for human beings?  Why?

·         Do love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage?

·         Who is the love of your life?

·         What is your favourite love song and why?

·         What (if any) is the difference between sex and love-making?

·         What do you think is 'kinky'?  Why do you think some people are kinky and others are not?

·         Do you think certain groups of people approach love, sex and relationships differently (e.g. men and women, gay and straight people, older and younger people, people of particular cultures)? And why?

·         What lies do people tell themselves and eachother in relationships?

·         What are the best pieces of advice you'd offer about love, sex and relationships?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.  Please come and see the show - details via or find us on facebook/twitter

Cheers xx

Question Title

* Thank you for responding - you will remain anonymous to us, but if you'd like to give us your email address or contact information, please add it here - we will include you on our mailing lists.