The world is trying to adapt to the situation brought on by the COVID19 pandemic.  Countries and states around the world are setting the pace of action to be taken and the need to address the impact of COVID-19.  In the UK, the Government has already implemented measures destined to mitigate the expansion of the pandemic and has provided relief measures in aid of businesses and individuals.

To be able to support directed Government action, the CTPA is looking to engage with the cosmetics industry in order to understand the future risks, immediate impact and any possible solutions or actions to be taken which will help ease the current situation.  At the same time, we are looking to understand not only where there might be room for the industry to come together to help in the protection of the public but also to lend a hand to public health worldwide.

The following brief questionnaire should take 15-20 min to complete and will be asking questions regarding legislation, supply chain and general business implications.  It is intended to provide the Association with the necessary information to guide future communication with the UK Government in support of the industry and show where we might be able to make a difference with the correct provisions in place.

Please note that all responses will be treated confidentially.  By completing and submitting this survey you are consenting to your personal data being processed by CTPA.  All responses will be pseudonymised, collated and presented as a collective view.  No identifying details or personal data will be shared with other third parties without express consent from the corresponding company.  CTPA takes privacy very seriously and will ensure that your personal data are processed as appropriate under the GDPR.

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We will accept more than one response per company where the information provided complements the other responses.  Please, contribute to the best of your knowledge on the sections provided.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

Nicholas Shaw Núñez
Head of International Growth & Regulatory Services
The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association Limited