Innovator and Technology Award

The winner of this award delivers store services in an innovative way.

The judges are looking for a store that is changing customer interaction through technology and ensuring the customer journey from online to store is seamless. From technology to in-store processes and the launch of new products, this award recognises those who have put innovative practices in place for the benefit of customers, staff and the business alike.

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* 2. Which 3 innovative processes do you consider having played a major role in the improved success of the business in the last 12 months? (200 words max)

* 3. Provide evidence of improved customer satisfaction as a result of changing technology. (200 words max)

* 4. What involvement do staff have in terms of forward thinking and the introduction of innovative products and processes? (200 words max)

* 5. What impact do you think the launch of new technology solutions will have on the future of your store? (200 words max)

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