Information about the survey

This survey is being conducted on behalf of Bovingdon Parish Council by CDA Herts, an independent charity who work in partnership with communities, Local Authorities and Housing Associations, to find out how many people are in need of housing and to determine the type of accommodation that would be most appropriate.

Everyone with a connection to the Parish should answer SECTION 1 (questions 1 – 5). If someone within your household is in need of new or alternative housing you will be prompted to continue on answering all questions.

Most questions are multiple choice with room for additional comments if necessary. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. There will be an opportunity at the end to add in any additional comments you feel are relevant.

Please complete one survey per household by the 1st February 2019. A 'household' is one family unit. If there is more than one family unit living within one home this would be considered as two separate 'households', each 'household' or family unit should complete one survey. Responses are anonymous.

A final report will be published following this survey once analysis has been completed.

People who used to live in the Parish and may wish to return should also complete the survey.   They should go to and follow the links.

Print versions of the survey are available, please telephone CDA Herts on 01992 289060, also for help and advice in completing the survey.

Thank you

CDA Herts & The Parish Council