Community Engagement Survey

Please note: the Mount Vernon Community Hall volunteers are only responsible for the running of the Community Hall. However, we are also interested in your views on Mount Vernon Park. We will pass on your feedback to Glasgow City Council. 

* 1. Do you currently visit/use Mount Vernon Community Hall?

* 2. If you visit/use Mount Vernon Community Hall what types of activities do you participate in when you visit/use the Hall? (tick all that apply)

* 3. Would you like to volunteer with Mount Vernon Community Hall on one of our projects?

* 4. Are you aware of the following community projects that we are currently developing (please tick all you are aware of)

* 5. Do you visit/use Mount Vernon Park?

* 6. If you visit Mount Vernon Park what types of activities do you participate in when you visit? (tick all that apply)

* 7. Please rate the following based on your experience of visiting/using them:

  Poor Satisfactory Excellent
Mount Vernon Community Hall
Mount Vernon Community Park
Old Railway/Woodland Area

* 8. What events/activities would you like to see/attend at Mount Vernon community Hall and in Mount Vernon Park?

* 9. Do you......