Thank you for donating to the Auction of Promises, which raises much needed cash to fund our children extra curriculum trips and activities.
The deadline for submitting your donation (an object or a promise of something to come) is Monday, April 2nd 2018. Thank you!

* 1. Your name

* 2. Are you a child? If so, please give your parent's name and your Year (e.g. Y1)

* 3. Your phone number

* 4. Your email address

* 5. Name of the donor (if it is not you)

* 6. Name of the donor's business (if relevant)

* 7. Contact phone number and/or email for the donor (if it's not you)

* 8. What contact details do you want us to provide to the person who bids on and wins your donation (if the nature of the promise requires the winner to contact the donor)? Please give a name, phone number and email address.

* 9. What is your donation? As much information and colorful detail as possible please!

* 10. Terms and conditions of promise (use by date etc).

* 11.  It would be VERY helpful to have an image of your promise for the catalogue. If you have a digitised image we can use, please can you email this to Mark Lemanski ( Please enter the name of the image file here - i.e. 'TicketstoHairspray.jpg':

*Because we receive a lot promises, we have created two parts to the auction - the main (live) auction on the night of May 11th 2018 and the 'Silent Auction' which starts on April 30th, and finishes on May 11th. The PTA reserves the right to choose where to best place your promise in one of these two parts.

Silent auction promises will be listed on the display board in the school hall for at least a week before the event itself. Bids can be submitted anonymously against each promise, each person out-bidding the previous until the close of bidding, when the highest bid wins.

Thank you very much for your promise - please encourage others to also make one, however big or small. And don't forget to come along on the Big Night! Please click 'done' and your promise will be submitted.

PS If you are donating an artwork please give Title, Date, Year, Artist's Name, Dimensions and Medium in Question No9.