Hillingdon HS2 Residents Survey

* 1. Are you a resident of

* 2. Please score these methods for how well they provide you with information about HS2?

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very poor N/A
Hillingdon / Ruislip Against HS2 website
Residents Association website
Residents Association newsletter
London Borough of Hillingdon website
Hillingdon People
Get West London / Uxbridge Gazette
Local facebook groups
Stop HS2 website
HS2 information via post
HS2 main website
HS2's Hillingdon website
MP newsletter
Local HS2 events

* 3. Please tell us any thoughts about the communication methods above. Also about any other ways you get your information about HS2

* 4. Are you aware of HS2's "HS2 in Hillingdon" website and that you can register for email notifications?

* 5. Would you say you are receiving timely and accurate information about HS2 construction plans which may affect you and your local area from HS2?

* 6. Going forward, how would you prefer to find out more about HS2 construction etc.?  (please choose your top 5)

  First choice Second choice Third choice Fourth choice Fifth choice
Local events run by HS2
Local events run by local groups e.g. residents groups / action groups
Social media
Residents Associations website / newsletters
Local action groups website

* 7. Are you aware that (early) construction work is already taking place in the area?

* 8. When do you think main construction is due to start?

* 9. What impact do you think HS2 construction will have on your daily life?

* 10. Are there any local community events we could organise that you would get involved in? (tick as many as you like)