What's this survey about and why is it different than all the other surveys? 

This survey is simultaneously taking part all over Europe, which means that by participating in it, you are participating in a pan-European collection of voices of young people. 

The survey is primarily directed towards the youth in the UK, however, being part  of the EU Youth Dialogue, the data will be added to the Europe-wide data collected, and contribute towards the final European recommendations and report.
During the last cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue, more than 40 000 young Europeans participated in the creation of what is today known as the EU Youth Strategy and the EU youth goals. The EU Youth dialogue is therefore creating spaces where young people and decision makers come together to discuss the implementation of the strategy and goals. 

During  this survey we will consult your opinion on two different topics: The Future of Work (youth goal 7) and the Advancement of Young People's Positions in Rural Areas (youth goal 6). Youth from all over Europe will be giving answers to these same survey questions! 

And that is one of the many reasons, why this survey is special! 

This survey is for young people aged 13-25. 

What happens after? 

The process does not finish there. After collecting all the data, we will embark towards creating both a national and European report with set of recommendations for improving the lives of young people. We will aim to create action plans to drive the change that you have indicated you want in this survey. 

If you follow our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our website, you will be hearing more about the results of the consultation around the end of the year. There will be a reception to launch the report and we would be glad to welcome you there! Thank you for helping us shape the voice of young people!

Different prizes will be given to those who fill out our survey as a token of gratitude. For specific details and deadlines please consult our social media pages. If you wish to be considered for a prize, please leave your e-mail at the end of the survey in the appropriate section. 

Data protection

The British Youth Council wants to ensure that our national consultation for the EU Youth Dialogue is as representative as possible. In order to do this, we collect data on our respondents and their respective backgrounds. This data will be used solely for the purposes of the consultation, and will be forwarded to the European Youth Forum and the European Commission for further analysis of the results of the consultation later on in the process. No names will be linked to this data. Therefore no personal data will be identifiable or recognisable to whom it belongs to. By completing this form you agree that the European Youth Forum and the British Youth Council has the right to share this data publicly under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.