By completing this survey you will help us build a map and better understanding of the public art sector in the United Kingdom. It will take between 3 to 10 minutes to complete, depending on the extent of your interest in and involvement with public art.

This survey is principally aimed artists, consultants, local authorities and organisations who work or have worked in the last 12 months on public art projects in the United Kingdom.  However, if you are not based in the UK we would still value your answers to a couple of questions.

A detailed analysis of the survey's findings will be made available to all contributors (please make sure you provide an e-mail address at the end of the survey).

The survey is confidential. We do not collect IP addresses, or embed any information in the survey database that could be used to identify individuals. Where we ask for information that could be used to identify you, it is always a non-mandatory question which you do not have to answer. Access to the database is strictly limited to ixia employees and only aggregated data will be published.

* 1. How did you find out about this survey?

* 2. Have you completed ixia's Public Art Survey in previous years?

* 3. Are you

* 4. Your age

* 6. Do you consider yourself to be disabled?

* 7. Are based in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)?

6% of survey complete.