The Children’s Hospital School collects feedback from parents on a regular basis. Parental feedback is vital and helps the School put measures in place to ensure parental needs are met where appropriate as well as ensuring students feel safe and happy.

* 1. My child attends the following provision at the Children's Hospital School

* 2. Do you feel that there is enough support for parents?

* 3. What support would you like?

* 4. How could this support best be accessible to you?

* 5. Would the opportunity to share experiences with other parents via a support network be of interest to you?

* 6. How often do you speak to your child's school staff and support workers?

* 7. Do you have a named person at school you can contact if any issues arises?

* 8. How would you prefer to contact school staff?

* 9. What do you feel are barriers for you to access support?

* 10. How well would you rate the level of support you've had whilst your child has been with us?

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor Not sure

* 11. Please answer the following questions regarding our school website

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Don't know
The information on the website is clearly labeled and well organized?
Information on the website is up-to-date and current?
The school website is attractive and has strong eye appeal?
I was able to move around the site with ease?
The information on the website is easy to understand?
The information is easy to find (no more than 3 clicks, for example?)
Lists of links are well organized and easy to use?
The website offers a sufficient amount of information related to my needs / purposes?

* 12. How often do you visit our website?

* 13. Do you find the school text message notifications useful?

* 14. Do you think the school should use social media or smart phone apps to communicate with parents?

* 15. Please provide feedback on what we could offer to improve support for parents.