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In November 2016 Cherwell District Council implemented a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in Banbury Town Centre. The purpose was to prevent the detrimental effects of begging, drinking and rough sleeping on those who on those who reside, work in and visit the town centre.

The Public Spaces Protection Order was for a period of three years. During the time it has been in place the Council and the Police have been able to take effective action to deal with the anti-social behaviour associated with these activities, particularly around begging and drinking in the street.

We are now consulting on whether or not the Public Spaces Protection Order should be renewed for a further three years. It is recognised that the inclusion of a prohibition on rough sleeping is more controversial as the act is often beyond the control of the individual. It is our intention therefore to only include a prohibition on begging and drinking in the designated area if the Public Spaces Protection Order is renewed, unless you think rough sleeping is still a problem in the town centre and should still be included. The Council will however, continue to support agencies to help people who find themselves sleeping on the streets due to difficult circumstances.

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