Purpose of survey

The British Film Institute (BFI) is conducting a major strategic consultation on its new strategy to influence its funding, which includes a set of questions around funding for video games.  

We are encouraging games companies and others to respond individually, and will be conducting our own research of views via our a survey here.  We will be gathering feedback and will submit a response 8 September.

A major aim of Ukie as stated in the Blueprint for Growth is to ensure that any public funding made available to screen sectors recognises the contribution and modern nature of games, ensuring effective support just as other creative industries have.  The availability of public funding for film and TV has led to innovative and diverse content, creating new markets, supporting new talent and enriching cultural life.  

Individual survey responses are confidential, but in order to help us understand the context of your answers, please provide a little information about your company.

Question Title

* 1. Is your company a developer or publisher of games?

Question Title

* 2. Where is your company based?

Question Title

* 3. What size is your company?