1. Norwich Games Festival Developer Applications 2019

The Norwich Games Festival is a free, family-friendly celebration of video games, brought to you by The Forum. The Festival runs from Monday 27th May – Saturday 1st June 2019 at The Forum in Norwich. 

The Festival is free to attend, and we see over 40,000 visitors each year! We hosted over 60 developers last year, and we can't wait to see what you've all been working on - and to meet some new faces for the first time! If you're unsure whether or not your game is suitable - be sure to fire us an email on the address below.

We're happy for developers to apply with multiple games, but we ask that you please fill out the form for each game individually.

As a family-friendly event - we will only be able to accept titles that are suitable for display at the Festival. Exhibition space for independent developers is free - but we kindly ask that you ensure you are considerate in your applications, and only apply for days that you are able to make; as asking for days you are not able to make is taking a space that could be provided to another developer.

Unfortunately, during last year's Festival, we saw a number of last minute cancellations. We wanted to keep Exhibition space free and accessible to everyone on all budgets, and have thought long and hard about how we can achieve this. This year, we are introducing a £25 cancellation fee for developers that have confirmed their attendance, who cancel beyond the 27th of April, or who do not turn up on the day.

If you have any questions about exhibiting at the Festival - feel free to get in touch with Daniel at daniel.scales@theforumnorwich.co.uk.