Writing Perspectives Podcast

Hi there

Thanks for agreeing to take part in this short, ten question survey.

I'll soon be launching a podcast called 'Writing Perspectives' where I'll interview writers and people who work with writers (actors, directors, publishers, booksellers....). I'll talk to them about writing and the business of writing.

I'm looking to gather some information to help me focus my content, identify people you want to hear from and what you want to hear about.

You can find out more at https://writing-perspectives.com

Thanks in advance for your help 

Steve Borley
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* 2. Thinking about the last podcast you listened to, how did you access it?

* 3. A good length for an interview format podcast is

* 4. Please tell me how far you agree with the following statements

  Yes, that's me I think so I'm not sure I don't think so No, not me
I'm familiar with podcasts and I know how to find and listen to them
Podcasts are not for me
I tend to listen to podcasts on the same day a new episode is available
I am interested in a podcast about writing and writers
I would only engage with a podcast about writing if I knew the host was a writer
Podcasts are hard to find
A podcast with a good logo gives me confidence it will be a professional production

* 5. I'll be interviewing writers on 'Writing Perspectives'. Are you interested in:

* 6. What is the most important question I should ask a writer?

* 7. I'll also be interviewing people who work with writers. Would you be interested in:

* 8. What is the most important question I should ask someone who works with writers?

* 9. Who would be the most interesting people for me to interview?

* 10. Complete this sentence: "Writing Perspectives Podcast should....."