Welcome to Public Participation

The Town Council welcomes the public attending the formal meetings of the Town Council and Its Committees and actively encourages people to raise issues and topics about the town. The Town Council, as part of its approach to community engagement chooses to have an agenda item at its formal meetings called “Public Participation” where members of the public can make representations, ask questions, answer questions and give evidence.

If you wish to speak at a meeting it is helpful but not essential that you contact the Town Council Offices at least 48 hours before the meeting to say that you will be attending the meeting and provide an overview of what you wish to speak about or you can complete the form in this leaflet and send it to the Town Council.

At a Town Council meeting you may raise any topic relevant to Cullompton, at a Committee meeting the matter must be relevant to the work of the Committee. Each speaker is subject to a maximum time limit of 3 minutes with an overall time limit of 15 minutes for the Public

Participation agenda item. As a general rule members of the public can only speak during the public participation agenda item.

The meeting chair will decide how the matter raised is to be dealt with but neither matters raised nor any response provided will be debated at the meeting (unless it is an item listed on the Agenda for the meeting).

Data supplied in this form will only be used in relation to the administration of this question or responding to it.

It should be noted that it may not be possible to anwer your question at the meeting. The question will be recorded at the start of the Minutes of the meeting and a response will be sent within 10 working days.

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